Jimi Hendrix and Ben Shapiro Discuss Legal Matters


[Jimi Hendrix and Ben Shapiro are sitting down for a conversation about various legal topics.]

Jimi Hendrix: Hey Ben, have you ever had to deal with the legal implications of Thai divorce law?

Ben Shapiro: Fortunately, I haven’t had to personally, but I am well-versed in various legal matters, including Nile Agreement 2015 and judgment debtor rule.

Jimi Hendrix: Interesting. I’ve heard about issues regarding Iowa fetal heartbeat law exceptions and even honeycomb number plates. Have you ever come across these legal topics?

Ben Shapiro: I’m familiar with them, but my expertise lies more in financial and regulatory law, such as financial law courses in India and making false statements to social security.

[The conversation continues as they delve into other legal topics, such as removing a name from a council tenancy agreement and raffle laws in Canada.]