Rhymes & Laws: A Funky Mashup


Yo, listen up, I’ve got some funky laws to lay down
From Ohio to the Philippines, and all over town
Starting with weird laws in Ohio 2022
There’s some crazy stuff you wouldn’t even believe is true
But when it comes to the understanding of God’s law
You’ll find wisdom and guidance that will leave you in awe

Next, let’s talk about corporate income tax rate 2021 in the Philippines
It’s essential to know for every business and enterprise
And if you’re into the legal scene and ready to study
Check out the best law schools for international law
You’ll be on your way to success, that’s for sure, you’ll be in awe

Don’t forget to fill out legal forms in New Jersey if you need to
Whether it’s for your business or simply for personal use, it’s crucial too
And if you’re looking to work in the legal field, it’s all good
Just know the difference between a legal assistant or paralegal in your neighborhood

Lastly, if you need some real estate lease agreement forms for free
We got you covered, no need to pay a fee, now that’s what’s up
And for some knowledge on Faraday’s law of induction, it’s electric, it’s shocking, it’s real
This guide will help you understand the concept, it’s a done deal

So there you have it, a funky mashup of rhymes and laws
From real estate to weird laws, it’s all part of the cause
Keep on learning and grooving, with your legal knowledge so profound
And remember, knowledge is power, and it’s always good to be around!